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We Know Finance

John Lysack is a financial advisor and the founder of John Lysack Wealth Management. He helps his clients achieve financial freedom by using the key financial planning principles with modern planning strategies.

He offers a range of services, including investing, life insurance, critical illness insurance, disability insurance, group benefits, and individual health benefits. He is also a financial literacy advocate and a mental health supporter. He is based in Toronto, Ontario and works with clients in Ontario and BC.



    Plan today. Prosper tomorrow.

    Financial Planning

    Plan for Your Future with Confidence

    Financial planning creates a roadmap for your financial future. It helps you evaluate your current situation, identify goals, and make a plan to achieve them. Benefits include better money management, improved financial security, and peace of mind. Financial planning helps you understand your spending and make informed financial decisions, build retirement savings, prepare for unexpected expenses, and protect your assets. It reduces financial stress and improves quality of life for a positive impact on your finances.

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    Blog & Articles

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    Deciding to Downsize: A Financial Perspective Downsizing your home can have significant financial benefits. From reducing mortgage payments to cutting down on maintenance costs, this article explores the financial advantages…
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